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Sunday 21st January - 3rd Sunday of Epiphany

Sunday 14th January - 2nd Sunday of Epiphany

Sunday 7th January - 1st Sunday of Epiphany

Sunday 31st Dec - 1st Sunday after Christmas

Sunday 24th Dec - 4th Sunday of Advent

Sunday 17th Dec - 3rd Sunday of Advent

Sunday 10th Dec - 2nd Sunday of Advent

Sunday 3rd Dec - Advent Sunday

Sunday 26th Nov - Last Sunday Before Advent

Sunday 19th Nov - 2nd Sunday Before Advent

Sunday 12th Nov - 3rd Sunday Before Advent

Sunday 5th Nov - 4th Sunday Before Advent

Sunday 29th Oct - Trinity 20

Sunday 22nd Oct - Trinity 19

Sunday 15th Oct - Trinity 18

Sunday 8th Oct - Trinity 17

Sunday 1st Oct - Trinity 16

Sunday 24th Sept - Trinity 15

Sunday 17th Sept - Trinity 14

Sunday 10th Sept - Trinity 13

Sunday 3rd Sept - Trinity 12

Sunday 27th August - Trinity 11

Sunday 20th August - Trinity 10

Sunday 13th August - Trinity 9

Sunday 6th August - Trinity 8

Sunday 30th July - Trinity 7

Sunday 23rd July - Trinity 6

Sunday 16th July - Trinity 5

Sunday 9th July - Trinity 4

Sunday 2nd July - Trinity 3

Sunday 25th June - Anniversary Sunday

Sunday 18th June - 1st after Trinity

Sunday 11th June - Trinity

Sunday 4th June - Pentecost Sunday

Sunday 28th May - Sunday after Ascension Day

Sunday 21st May - Rogation Sunday

Sunday 14th May - 4th Sunday after Easter

Sunday 7th May - 3rd Sunday after Easter

Sunday 30th Apr - 2nd Sunday after Easter

Sunday 23rd Apr - 1st Sunday after Easter

Sunday 9th Apr - Palm Sunday

Sunday 2nd Apr - 5th Sunday in Lent

Sunday 26th Mar - 4th Sunday in Lent

Sunday 19th Mar - 3rd Sunday in Lent

Sunday 12th Mar - 2nd Sunday in Lent

Sunday 5th Mar - 1st Sunday in Lent

Sunday 26th Feb - 1st Sunday before Lent, Quinqaugesima

Sunday 19th Feb - 2nd Sunday before Lent

Sunday 12th Feb - 3rd Sunday before Lent

Sunday 5th Feb - 5th Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday 29th Jan - 4th Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday 22nd Jan - 3rd Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday 15th Jan - 2nd Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday 8th Jan - 1st Sunday after Epiphany

Sunday 1st Jan - 1st Sunday after Christmas

Sunday 18th Dec - 4th Sunday of Advent

Sunday 11th Dec - 3rd Sunday of Advent

Sunday 4th Dec - 2nd Sunday of Advent

Sunday 20th Nov - Christ The King

Sunday 13th Nov - 2nd Sunday before Advent (Rememberance)

Sunday 6th Nov - 3rd Sunday before Advent

Sunday 30th Oct - 4th Sunday before Advent

Sunday 23rd Oct - Bible Sunday

Sunday 16th Oct - 21st Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 9th Oct - 20th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 2nd Oct - 19th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 25th Sept - 18th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 18th Sept - 17th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 11th Sept - 16th Sunday after Trinity

Sunday 4th Sept - 15th Sunday after Trinity