Church Restoration 2011

Following on from the nave roof and high level restoration project in 2006-7, the church, again, secured funding from English Heritage and the Heritage Lottery Fund, which enabled us to carry out repairs to and restoration of the decorative cast iron features at the top of the church tower.

At each corner of the tower is a pinnacle, made of cast iron and set on a plinth which is really just a box with a cast iron frame and slate faces and filled with rubble. Between the corner pinnacles on each side of the tower are smaller ones which stand on stone plinths. A detailed inspection by the church’s architect revealed considerable rust damage to all of these pinnacles and to the decorative cast iron balustrades that run between them. The pinnacles were joined by stainless steel braces; but these were so slack that they were not really very effective in keeping the pinnacles in a vertical position.

When the restoration started in March 2011 all the cast iron features and their plinths were taken down and refurbished, and while they were away a new structure (looking rather like an upturned eight-legged table) was fitted to the top of the tower. At the same time the tired old flat roof was replaced by a new pyramid-shaped slate covered roof. Then the newly refurbished cast iron features were brought back and set on to the ‘table legs’.

Surprisingly, for a building containing so much metal in its construction, our church has never been equipped with a lightning conductor! So the correction of this omission was the final element of this phase of the church restoration.

See some pictures in our Gallery - Tower Project 2011


Cast Iron Church
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